About me

I am a Data Scientist interested in using data driven analytics to help improve lives. I’ve worked with administrative insurance claims as well as electronic medical records to explore explore the journey’s of patients with rare diseases, determine their healthcare resource utilization and build machine learning models to find undiagnosed patients.

Although my current work is in the healthcare space, my background is in cosmology and astrophysics. I got my Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy from Johns Hopkins University in 2019. My research ranged from exploring the sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, constraining dark matter models using the Cosmic Microwave Background and using machine learning techniques to extract new information from cosmological data. I may not still work in the physics space, but I’m always happy to talk about any of my previous work or just physics in general with anyone.

When I’m not dealing with data I like to go on runs. I’ve worked my way to running a marathon in four hours and now I’m curious to see how low I can get that time.